THE NEW VECHE is an international community of Eastern Orthodox Christians – aspiring theologians, amateur historians, and fledgling philosophers – endeavoring to write both faithfully and creatively on matters concerning the Church in the world.

Despite the diversity of our views and of the disciplines in which we are trained, we affirm that:

•  Jesus Christ is the Wisdom, Word, and Power of God. It is in him that we perceive the true end of the human person. It is by him that we taught the way wherein we should go.

•  Political economy is, first and foremost, a field of ethics. Rightly understood, its ultimate concern is with justly administering those things which empower communities and persons to flourish.

•  As Christ’s mystical body, the Church, is the pillar and foundation of truth, the social vision of her kerygma instructs us in true justice.

We aspire to contribute, in some small way, to an imaginative political theology for the 21st century: neither naïvely liberal, nor stubbornly reactionary, but compelled by the urgent needs of our time to articulate a distinctively Christian social concept. This hinges, we believe, on a renewed commons, and we insist, with St. Tikhon of Moscow, that “true civilisation consists in giving as many people as possible access to the benefits of life.”

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